Eurotraductor is a tool for translating texts from various languages
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Eurotraductor is a tool for translating texts from various languages. There is a total of 38 different languages to choose from. It has a simple and intuitive layout. The program is also well optimized for Microsoft Outlook with some useful features.

The design is very simple. Most of its editing options are in the top section, with two big text tabs in the middle of the screen. The left tab is used for writing, or copy-pasting the text which needs translation, and the right tab shows the result. The program offers the possibility to modify the fonts by adding different styles or changing the size, if you wish. This is useful because you can print directly within Eurotraductor.

The program has some issues though. For one it cannot detect the language you want to translate. This can be time consuming since you have to manually go through languages' list until you find the correct one. It sometimes doesn't translate properly, however this is pretty common for all tools of this kind. Another thing, that bothered me, is that the translated words aren't highlighted in the original text. This makes it very difficult to understand specific words when translating huge texts, because you have to search for them manually within the original.

Overall, however, I consider Eurotraductor to be a decent translating program because it is so simple to use.

Dennis Niels
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  • Very easy to use
  • Simple design
  • Large language database


  • During the installation process it tries to install other software
  • Cannot detect the language
  • Requires an internet connection to work
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